Here are a few suggestions to make your visit to Belize wonderful:

Climate is subtropical with annual average temperatures of 80 degrees F. You will mostly wear casual, lightweight clothing, jeans, shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Take a sun hat to protect your skin. Also include a sweater, lightweight waterproof jacket, long-sleeved shirt and long pants. These may be needed on boat trips as well as at night and early morning in higher, cooler elevations, or unexpected cool days during winter.


Bright, sunny days necessitate sunglasses. Dusty road conditions on Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker and off the main highways can be problematic for contact lens wearers. Lens lubricant may not be readily available so take plenty of your own eye lubricant, wetting, soaking and cleaning solutions. For those with sensitive eyes, you may want to pack goggles to wear while riding golf carts on the outer cayes.


It is necessary to protect your skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Temperatures on Belize are generally balmy, but you are also exposed to strong rays. Pack plenty of sunscreen. As Belize is also subtropical and includes jungles, take along insect repellent! A tip: toothpaste can temporarily soothe bug bites.

Hard-soled shoes should be packed for upscale dining in Belize City or a night out. But you will mostly wear rubber-soled shoes, tennis shoes, and hiking boots for inland trips. Tennis shoes, sandals, boat shoes or no shoes at all are in order for visiting the cayes.

Bring your own or leave it at home. It's up to you! Many divers will want to bring their own BC, regulator, wet suite, fins and make. Leave your weights at home as they can be rented. Do not bring spear guns - they will be confiscated at the airport. Although most fishing trips include bait and tackle, serious fly rod and spin casting anglers will probably want to bring their own gear and equipment.

A good pair of binoculars and guidebook are invaluable to increase your birding enjoyment. Some location, like Programme For Belize's Rio Bravo Research Station and Lamanai Outpost Lodge in Orange Walk and Hidden Valley Inn in Mountain Pine Ridge have stationary high-powered birding scopes to see rare birds.

Specific kinds of film may be hard to find. Bring extra batteries for your camera along with plenty of film. It's less expensive and more convenient to bring your own. Upscale gift shops sell pocket-type cameras. Keep film in a cool place.

ON THE ROAD - Phones, Cars, Etc.
If you plan to rent a car and discover Belize at your own pace, it's a good idea to pack your cellular phone or to arrange for one through Belize Telecommunications Ltd. when you arrive. Some of the rental car companies now offer cellular phones. It's a good idea to have one, as you won't find telephones on every corner of the open road in Belize.

Bring a package of baby wipes to clean off the day's accumulation of dust and grit from your face and hands. Take a small flashlight with extra batteries and water canteen for caving, hiking and adventuring. Photocopy important documents such as passport, driver's license, credit cards, prescription medication forms, airline ticket and other important information. Always carry essential medications on board. Bring an extra supply of prescription medications to carry along with you daily, especially when traveling to remote areas.

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