Retirement in Belize

Ever dream about finding the perfect place to retire? A paradise set in a tropical location, with warm water, gentle breezes, lots of great outdoor sports, lush scenic surroundings with sun-soaked shores and beautiful turquoise seas. Add to that a peaceful nation with a stable government, with English as the official language and a strong Belize dollar and it makes good sense to consider Belize for retirement.

There are many advantages that make Belize alluring for retirement. One favorable reason is easy access to land for development and construction of a retirement home. RE/MAX Exclusive Properties can help you in finding that perfect site. Or, if you would prefer, have us find your retirement home already built and awaiting your arrival. We have many, many residential listings, from the seashore to the seclusion of a wooded forest or jungle habitat.

Belize is the perfect destination for your retirement plans. Healthcare in Belize is relatively inexpensive and many doctors are U.S. trained. A good educational system exists for those retirees who bring children under the age of 18 to Belize. And the tax breaks are superb!

Retiring in Belize is relatively easy to arrange as anyone 45 years or older can apply for the easy-to-relocate retirement program set up by the Belizean government. Qualified retired pensioners are eligible for benefits including specific tax exemptions and incentives. You do not have to pay tax on your retirement income in Belize!

Persons retiring in Belize under the program qualify for duty and tax exemptions not exceeding US $15,000 on new and used personal and household effects. In addition, a personal vehicle, which must not be more than three years old, a boat used for recreational purposes and a light aircraft -- any of these or all three -- can be imported duty free under the law or can be purchased in Belize. Duty-free. importation of these items must be completed within one year of moving to Belize.
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Retirement in Belize --- it can be so easy! A temperate year-round climate, an abundance of natural resources, magnificent natural attractions, and friendly people make this a great choice. From the white sand beaches, to the magical retreats of the forests and jungles, to the "big city" ambiance of Belize City (without the "big city" pressures!), Belize can be the place for your continuous vacation lifestyle. Let us help you discover this paradise that is Belize.

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